Marissa + Mirco; New Hope, Pennsylvania

As a wedding photographer in Bucks County, I love photographing events at HollyHedge Estate, where I can showcase the historic estate’s stone barn, the stunning brick courtyard with the centerpiece fountain and those antique wrought iron gates. If you’re looking for a photographer that loves HollyHedge, you’ve come to the right place.

Marissa and Mirco fell in love with HollyHedge “because of its rustic and natural vibe, and I desperately wanted a stone barn!” Marissa recalls. Their love story as a newly married couple unfolds on one of those perfect Bucks County fall days, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Bucks County countryside. They actually opted not to have a first look, and the wedding day anticipation was magnified by them emotionally touching hands while on opposite sides a barn door!

Marissa and Mirco met in their third week of classes at Lehigh University. He was doing a study abroad year, and before he left his native Germany, his parents gave him a few parting words of advice: Join a swing dance club. Mirco’s parents had met in a ballroom dancing class when they were 16, and they told their son to join the dance club as soon as he got to Lehigh. It was actually three weeks after the start of classes, but who’s counting. They’ve been inseparable ever since!

Marissa shared that their whole relationship has been centered around stars. Mirco is an astro particle physicist, and one of her favorite memories is of them lying underneath the stars in his hometown of Vorden and making wishes on shooting stars. He proposed in a similar fashion: He took her to a park where they had a picnic. He waited until it got dark for a meteor shower to light up the sky, and then he proposed! Marissa and Mirco’s day was filled with warm, welcoming families (who were really good dancers!), and so much love and excitement for these two soulmates. Their wedding celebration was held under the blue Bucks County sky and finished out under the twinkling stars.

Here are some of my favorite images from their stellar day:

wedding gown and shoes

Marissa’s wedding gown and shoes on the antique iron gates on the Holly Hedge Estate Courtyard.

Four rings. Marissa’s engagement ring, the wedding bands, and a beautiful ring. The ruby was a gift to Marissa from her paternal grandmother on her 16th birthday.

Marissa’s bridal bouquet by Mark Bryan Designs in reds and blush tones, showcased on a stone wall in the courtyard.

Mirco’s best man Everett works on his best man speech before getting ready.

Marissa in the bridal suite having her makeup done by Devyn Gregorio.

The guys hang out and have a toast to the day in the stone room at Holly Hedge.

Mirco’s family stop in to say hello during the getting ready in the bridal suite.

bride and hairspray

One of my FAVORITE getting ready and makeup photos! A bit of spray for a finishing touch on perfect bridal makeup!


Another look at Marissa’s gorgeous gown from Le Bella Donna in Jenkintown, Pa.

If you’re wondering, the shoes are Badgley Mischka.

Portrait of the bride

I’m always amazed at the gorgeous light filtering through the huge stone barn windows at Holly Hedge. It’s one of my favorite spots to take bridal portraits.

Bride and Holly Hedge stone fireplace.

Marissa was a stunning bride. This photo really shows all that detail in her train. This is the stone fireplace inside the barn, and it’s a great backdrop for wedding photos as well.

I absolutely love the softness of this bridal portrait, which I achieved by using a longer lens and large aperture.

This photo shows the upstairs of the old barn at Holly Hedge with the huge windows and plank flooring.

Marissa’s reflection in the mirror of the antique organ which sits in the corner.

Another stunning portrait of the bride.

Marissa is very close to her dad and wanted him to see her in her wedding day attire, so we planned a first look. It turned out to be very emotional for them both.

I think I was crying too……

Mirco gets ready with his groomsmen in the Honeymoon Suite.

Although this bride and groom opted NOT to have a first look, they are going to have a “first touch!” You’ll see what I mean!

This groom is almost ready!

The groom’s finished look. I love the maroon pocket square with tiny blue dots!

A detail shot of Marissa’s jewelry.

We decided to use one of the barn doors so they wouldn’t actually see each other before the ceremony, but could talk to one another and clasp hands.

Realizing her groom is right there……..!


They clasp hands.


Wedding day anticipation and emotion.


They loved hearing each other’s voices, even if they couldn’t see each other.


So much anticipation, so many emotions for both brides and grooms on their wedding day.


One more moment, one last touch…..


Mirco turns to leave, he will see his bride at the ceremony.



So many emotions already before the ceremony!


Mirco went back to the room and practiced his vows.

Mirco goes over his vows yet again…….

His vow book.

THE MOMENT IS HERE!! A candid moment of Marissa’s dad as he contemplates giving his daughter away.

The eager groom ready to see his bride emerge from the Holly Hedge gates for her processional to him.

Under the stars; a nighttime shot on the Holly Hedge courtyard.

One of my favorite photos……of many……it was such a magical day!!!

The awesome professionals that worked with Marissa and Mirco:






Makeup:          @glambydevyngregorio



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