Wedding Photos as Art in New Hope
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Wedding Photos as Art in New Hope

I love this image. When I photographed this bride on her wedding day, I simply shot from a low angle looking up and asked her to hold her bouquet behind her back. It was shot on film. Her beautiful home is in the background, but I creatively blurred it in Photoshop. I wanted to create something different and artistic. I also blurred the tires on the Rolls Royce, but in a different way. I thought this would add a sense of movement to this unusual wedding photograph, and I believe I succeeded. I’m sometimes asked if I placed the car in there too, but the car was already there when I created this magical image.

This image has been used as an ad in The Knot to illustrate some of my techniques in creating unusual, clever, and imaginative wedding photographs.

Location: Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067.