Same Sex Wedding in New Hope Bouquet Photo
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Same Sex Wedding in New Hope Bouquet Photo

This photo is from a very unique wedding I photographed in Solebury, Bucks County, Pa.

Why was the wedding unique? Because family and friends gave their time and love to create their very special day for them.

Laura and Cait were married at Hill Hollow Farm in front of a circa 1760 stone farm house overlooking gardens and meadows on 12 picturesque acres. What a treat to be there. It was wonderful to see family and friends helping out to make their day so special. Jon and Diane Downs not only offered their property for the occasion but Jon was their officiant and performed the marriage ceremony. Friends were there early to decorate the grounds with gorgeous floral arrangements and greenery, and to help out in any way they could.

Laura and Cait met when Laura was hired to teach Spanish at a small private school in Solebury, Pennsylvania. As Caitlin tells it; “In the weeks that followed, we ate dinner together most nights, initially under the pretense that, if I didn’t come over, her Blue Apron deliveries would surely go to waste. When we finally went out to dinner, I decided to shed my normal layer of plaid and denim and look presentable. She told me later that she knew something was going on when I appeared at her door in blazer and button down. Despite a lovely meal, our first night out didn’t quite end as planned—she quite uncharacteristically lost her keys, and I ended up hoisting her through her own living room window. We parted that evening flustered, and a little disappointed. I returned home and called a good friend (about dinner with Laura of course, as she was all I could talk about) who finally convinced me to go on and ask her out. I remember sheepishly sending Laura a text that read, “I wouldn’t mind if our dinners were dates.” I couldn’t feel my feet as I waited for a reply. After what seemed like an eternity, a message that read, “Yes, please!” popped up. And that was it, for me. Laura was it. I’ve been cooking her dinner ever since.”

While they were dating the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees the right to Same-Sex marriage.

Please see my blog at Cindy DeSau Photography to enjoy all of the photos posted from this wonderful wedding.

Location: 55 Chapel Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938.