Holly Hedge Groom Clutches Flower for First Look Photograph
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Holly Hedge Groom Clutches Flower for First Look Photograph

This groom clutched a yellow flower, his eyes shut tight. He waited anxiously for his bride, and the flower he held was a gift for her.  He was extremely nervous, as his bride made her way to him for their “first look.” I photographed the progression as the bride came down the steps and approached her groom. First looks are very popular to set aside the time necessary to create the unique and gorgeous wedding photographs I strive to give my clients.  

 Many couples do a “first look” prior to their ceremony. This allows them to see each other in their wedding finery prior to the more traditional time of walking down the aisle. There are many benefits to this, mostly to allow time for wedding photos with just the two of them, without distractions, and at a more relaxed pace. It also gives us time to use some different locations at a venue, or even off-site.

I also believe first looks can be more emotional, allowing couples to show and express their true feelings since it is more private. I’ve been privileged to witness and photograph many emotional moments this way. This groom was quite excited, and he clutched this yellow flower with his eyes clenched shut, waiting for that moment to turn and see his beautiful bride.

Location: 6987 Upper York Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938.