Graeme Park Horsham Wedding Couple in the Snow Photo
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Graeme Park Horsham Wedding Couple in the Snow Photo

This couple choose to go to Graeme Park in Horsham for their wedding photographs. Graeme Park offers a beautiful rustic 1830's barn as a backdrop, which you see here. I positioned this bride and groom up on a hill, so that there would be some separation between the bride's white ballroom gown and the white snow. The blue sky is reflected in the snow, giving a bit of a blue hue to the image. Her white fur wrap adds a beautiful texture to the photograph. I had them snuggle together, and this is one of my favorite images from this wedding shoot. 

If you are interested in having your wedding at Graeme Park, it is located in suburban Philadelphia not far from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It is a National Historic Landmark with not only this historic barn, but also a 1722 estate house, a pond, woodlands and waterfall as a backdrop to tented receptions. Events range from elegant, sophisticated black-tie to flip-flops. 

Here is the link to their website for more info:

Location: 859 County Line Road Horsham, PA 19044.