Gorgeously Stunning Bridal Portrait at Farmstead of Ringoes
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Gorgeously Stunning Bridal Portrait at Farmstead of Ringoes

One of my favorite wedding photos from the past year!!

Farmstead of Ringoes, Ringoes, New Jersey

The Farmstead of Ringoes is such a wonderfully unique wedding venue. It has a barn, an authentic “Sears House” (Sears actually sold house kits) an authentic railroad depot, an authentic railroad, and an historic barn. Let’s then also add on a ceremony site, space for yard games, and fire pits for the end of the night. There is also space to set up a tent if you elect to do so.

This bridal portrait was taken in the Sears house, which serves as the bridal suite. To create this stunning image of a bride clutching her wedding veil, I put my flash on a light stand and placed it outside(yes, OUTSIDE!!) and directed it through the window. I did have a Magmod modifer on the flash unit; the grid. This narrows the angle of the light to concentrate it on her face and upper body. I had her face the window, and the flash bathed her in a dramatic light which replicated the sun, even though it was a cloudy day.