Field of Wedding Dreams in Bucks County
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Field of Wedding Dreams in Bucks County

Fields of Dreams

Brides love fields. I love photographing wedding images in fields.

 I positioned this bride and groom to make the most of the pictorial elements in this Bucks County field. Some very tall and interesting grasses were growing behind the couple, dwarfing them in size. With my knowledge of composition, I positioned them to create a pleasing and balanced photograph. I used a wide angle lens and placed them within the interesting texture in the field. I also like the warm muted tones of this beautiful wedding image.

Brides love photos walking in fields, kissing, holding hands, sitting, spending time with their love. Fields add that romantic touch, whether the wedding is boho, boho-chic or rustic, whimsical or modern. If you plan to say your “I do’s” in teetering heels or those perfect pumps, perhaps consider flats just so you can spend a few carefree moments in a field taking that special sun drenched, wind-whipped, rain-soaked or snow-sprinkled walk with your love.

Then the perfect pumps can go back on for that walk down the aisle.

Location: 6987 Upper York Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938.