Cool Composition of Groom and Groomsmen at Holly Hedge
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Cool Composition of Groom and Groomsmen at Holly Hedge

I like how this photo is composed. Although the groom is not centered in this picture, he is central to the image. I posed him to the right and dominant in the frame, standing straight on to the camera. The only other groomsmen turned in the same direction is his best man, though farther back. The other groomsmen I turned in different directions to add visual interest. I think this image works very well as an interesting portrait of these five members of the wedding party with the groom.

When I photograph the groom with his groomsmen on his wedding day, I like to make the poses interesting. One of the ways I do that is by turning them and not having everyone facing in the same direction. This adds visual interest to the photograph. In this shot they do have a common factor with their hands in their tux pockets. The groom of course is in the foreground and is the focal point of this wedding picture.

Location: 6987 Upper York Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938.