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Cindy DeSau Photography


This is a candid photograph of a bride and groom lifted up in chairs during their reception. This dance is called the Hora, which is done in celebration at Jewish weddings. Some brides get a little nervous being up so high, but this bride really seems to be enjoying herself.

The Hora is a traditional circle dance which actually originated in the Balkans. It honors the bride and groom and their families, and sometimes they are lifted up in chairs. It is an expression of happiness, usually done right after the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife.

This bride and groom wanted to have their wedding outdoors and at a vineyard. Crossing Vineyards in Washington’s Crossing, Pennsylvania offers an outdoor ceremony area and a tented reception space. During the late summer months there are grapes on the vines, which adds a lot of visual interest and photo possibilities. 

Here is their link for more info:

Location: 1853 Wrightstown Road, Newtown, Pensylvania 18940.