Beautiful Pictorial Wedding Photograpy in Philadelphia
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Beautiful Pictorial Wedding Photograpy in Philadelphia

When I composed this photo of a bride walking up a hillside in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia I wanted to surround her with nature. I wanted to show her in her element on her wedding day. I used a wide angle lens and waited until she was in the sunlight. I kept the rays of the sun in the frame, as well as the height of the trees. She and the groom climb mountains for fun, and I arranged for their first look to be up this hill in the woods. I waited while she climbed the dirt path to see her husband, keeping the afternoon sun in the photograph. This photograph incorporates the pictorial elements I love to work with, as I backlit her surrounded by the trees. I also composed this bridal image so her body was between the tree trunks so she would stand out and be the focal point.

I think this is a beautiful pictorial image and it captures the spirit of this nature-loving bride.

Location: Valley Green Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128.